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"Need More Traffic?"

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"Instantly Detonate A 'Traffic Explosion' And Spark An Electrifying Surge Of Cash...Literally At Will!"

You may or may not realize this, but blogging is one of the most profitable marketing strategies of the 21st century - especially where home businesses are concerned!

I have personally created highly profitable blogs ourselves and we are going to give you the EXACT blueprint that we used to monetize our blogs and it has given us a formidable branding in the home business market, endless new leads and constant cash flow coming into our bank accounts!

Here’s a glimpse of our blogs and how you can create one like this…

MLM Blog Expert

"Blogs Like This Have Generated Us Passive Income And You’ll Discover How to Easily Harness the Power Of Blogging Even If You Hate Writing!"

Let me go straight to the point… what if you can have:

A professionally designed blog theme that looks like this
A blog theme that is easy to setup and install?
And EASY way to customize it for ALL your home business books in Fusionology and create not one, not two but TEN different streams of income?

Here’s what you can do:

Your Own Book In Your Own Name!

You have this now, right?

Why don’t you put this on your blog and use it to capture leads or sell the book for profits like this?

Blog Lead Capture Page

We have done this for you!

All you need to do is use the existing resources to create a targeted blog for your product!

We call this priceless component:

"Fusionology’s Bloggers Barrage: How To Easily Use Blogs To Monetize Your Home Business!"

From now on, you will no longer need to watch and drool as you watch other bloggers’ beautiful blog templates.

You will be getting a total of 10 blog themes for each and every one of your Fusionology books!

Here’s how your blog theme looks like:

Fusionology Blog

Each blog theme comes customized with every blog banner. Here is a sample of the blog banner (minimized to prevent graphic theft…)

Blog Theme #1

The Big Book Of Home Business Lead Generation Methods Header

Blog Theme #2

The Big Book Of Home Business Company Dictionary Header

Blog Theme #3

21st Century Home Business Strategy Blueprint Header

Blog Theme #4

Blog Your Way To The Top Of Your Home Business Organization Header

Blog Theme #5

Building Your Organization On Autopilot Header

Blog Theme #6

Going 'Diamond'! - Stories Of Successful Networkers Header

Blog Theme #7

Home Business Video Marketing Secrets Exposed Header

Blog Theme #8

The Next Trillion Header

Blog Theme #9

Rejection Free Home Business Prospecting Header

Blog Theme #10

The 7th Habits Of Highly Effective Networkers Header

So What Exactly Can You Do With These Blog Themes?

Good question!

Each component of our customized blog themes will give you:
Component #1 - Lead Capture Ease

Lead Capture Ease

Lead capture is the most important component for any home business owner or Internet marketer. Without a good source of leads, you are cut off from your air supply so our blog themes are created to facilitate the ease of capturing leads.
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Component #2 - Easy Banner Advertising

Easy Banner Advertising

We’ve included additional space at the prime location of your blog so that you can put up your own banners and make additional sales from your readers.

After all, picture banners tend to generate more sales compared to text lines, don’t you think?

So now you have an additional source of income… for EVERY blog!
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Component #3 - Building Your Fan Base!

Building Your Fan Base!

Blogging is all about building relationships with your readers. Using this simple function, you can keep track on who is visiting you and you can go and visit their blogs as well.

Building strong relationships with your readers and other bloggers is the key to building your brand and a robust, interactive environment.
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Component #4 - Recommended Resources

Recommended Resources

Last but not least, you can scroll all the way down to the blog and recommend additional products for your home based business.

People would definitely listen to your recommendations because you are now a big star blogger.

Take every opportunity to make money with your powerful blogs!
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Let Me Share With You A Little Secret About Blogs…

When I first started out with my Internet marketing business, I never wanted to create a good blog because I find the idea of writing very tedious.

However, I still went ahead with my blog project without knowing what it will evolve into.

You see, there is one thing good about blogs and I didn’t realize this when I first started out (that’s why I’m going to save you the hassle of trial and error and reveal this to you right now…)


My blog is currently ranked on the first page of Google for the keyword “MLM Blog”

Anyone who searches this term will inevitably stumble upon my blog which boasts over 200 unique visitors in a single day!

The thing is, Google loves blogs and as time passes, the Big G tends to give you better search engines ranking over time which translates into:

More Readers
More Subscribers

If you have doubts about setting up a good blog, then now will be your turn to cash in on this highly lucrative industry.

So here begs the question:

"So How Much Is Bloggers's Barrage
Worth To You?"

YourName and I have poured our hearts and souls into these blog themes.

In fact, the cost of creating the SHELL (without banners and graphics) cost us more than $1000 to hire a professional blog template designer to work out the structure to our specifications.

Can you imagine the cost if we multiply that by 10 themes?

You are getting over $10,000 worth of value in terms of saving cost and leveraging on our blogging experiences.

But as a special offer for our customers here at Fusionology, if you decided that you want 10,000 visitors per month, you don’t even need to fork out half the price.

I want you to see the value you'll get for just a measly one-time investment...

It’s Time For You To Take Action!

Take action now and grab one of the most comprehensive, carefully-constructed, Bloggers Barrage..

Download your copy of “Bloggers Barrage” right now!

Click the button above above to access Bloggers Barrage immediately for $127.00 only $37 – a mere fraction of this power-packed report’s value.

Once again, I won’t say that this price will remain here forever. I will be increasing the price for this very, very soon and people have even offered to pay me $127 (which is the actual selling price for it) so I hope you see the value involved.

Special Bonus!

Recommended Resources

For the next 20 fast action takers, I've also included a very unique bonus that will complement your purchase of Fusionology's Blogger's Barrage...

This is called the Celebrity Blogging Training Videos!

Video Contents: Overview

Component Title
1 How To Get Started with Celebrity Blogging and What You Need Basic concepts and tools you need. The Celebrity Blogging plan doesn't require you to invest a lot of money to make it all happen. 4 min 46 sec
2 Creative Ways to Find a Catchy Domain Name How to find creative domains and know whether they are available or not, so you can get a catchy domain name and start creating your blog. 3 min 43 sec
3 How to Find Cheap and Quality Web Hosting Where to find extremely low bargain deals for web hosting that you didn't know existed. 10 min 27 sec
4 How to Setup Wordpress on Cpanel's Fantastico Platform Step-by-step technical guide on how to install Wordpress using Fantastico. Complicated steps now made easy. 3 min 46 sec
5 How to Setup Wordpress Manually on Any Site in 5 Minutes If you don't have cPanel installed in your web hosting account, we can still show you how to install WordPress manually - quickly and easily. 12 min 19 sec
6 Where to Find Wordpress Themes and How to Install Them In this video, you'll be pointed to places with quality Wordpress Themes, and you'll also learn how to correctly install them. 8 min 45 sec
7 Where to Find Wordpress Plugins and How to Install Them Installing Wordpress Plugins is very similar to installing the Themes though slightly different, but you'll learn how to do just that in this video. 3 min 15 sec
8 How to Customize your Wordpress Themes Learn how to brand your name and domain name into the header, footer, and other areas of the Wordpress theme without being required to know how to read the PHP code. 6 min 45 sec
9 Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Blog to Make you Stand Out and Drive Traffic Discover how to gain high quality backlinks without blackhat or spamming techniques. 7 min 21 sec
10 Top SEO Plugins to Optimize Your Blog Optimize your blog for high rankings for high volume search engine results that you want. 5 min 16 sec
11 How to Write Blog Posts Wisely How to easily churn out exciting posts that are reader-friendly and search engine-friendly even if you don't have a gift for writing. 9 min 3 sec
12 Building other Blog Pages for Branding Purposes Want to know how to add pages to your blog? We'll learn how to do just that as well as how to write your About Me page professionally. 5 min 47 sec

With these professional training videos, you can learn how to set up your own personal home business blog within minutes and use it to brand yourself as a leader or an expert - maybe even to turn yourself into a home business celebrity!

The sky is the limit!

So hurry and grab a copy before these videos are taken down.

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Yes! I Need More Traffic, Give Me
Bloggers Barrage Now

With my own highly optimize blog, I can:

Easily get 10,000 of highly targeted visitors to my website
Establish my credibility as a subject matter expert using a few simple and proven strategies, whether I’ve been in the business 20 days or 20 years…
Build my own community of Fan Base and make people worship me
And many many more…

Imagine just clicking a ‘publish’ button and your blog get cluttered up with ten of thousands of REAL visitors.

Just talking about it sound scary, and if you want to have an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over your competitors.

Click Here To Download Your Bloggers Barrage NOW!

OTO 3 Package - Fusionology Bloggers Barrage

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