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From The Desktop Of  Mark Pang
RE: Your Key To Multiple Streams Of Wealth

Dear Home Business Owner,

If you have been looking for a foolproof way to make money in business, doing everything ‘right’, but you just can’t seem to find that missing link, then you are in luck!

But before we proceed, I want you to take this 28 second quiz and tell me which of the following applies to you:

Please Tick On The Boxes Below:

"I Have ZERO Experience In Business & Marketing And I Want To Get This Home Business Thing Off The Ground" YES NO
"I Lack Credibility And I Want The World To Know Me And My Expertise Right Away!" YES NO
"I Have An Organization Of Home Business Owners But I Am Struggling To Find A Way For My People To Succeed Using A Proven System Easy Enough For Anyone To Follow" YES NO
"I’m Looking For A HOT, In-Demand Market And I Want To Make Tons Of Money From It" YES NO
"I’m Looking To Publish A Book In MY OWN NAME And I Want To Learn The Fastest, Most Affordable Way To Do So" YES NO
"I’m Too Shy To Sell Products And I Want A Fast, Rejection Proof System That Will Help Me To Market Products Easily!" YES NO

Let me ask you a question, my friend…

If you have clicked YES on any of the boxes above, then you definitely need to take action right away.

But, what if I can show you a way to:

red bullet

Generate Endless Leads And Traffic Using The Internet

red bullet

Create Unstoppable Cash Flow In Not One, Not Two But Multiple Markets And Niches At The Same Time

red bullet

And Brand Yourself As A Marketing Expert So That Prospects And Customers Will Come Rushing To Buy From You, With Credit Card In Hand?

And accomplish all those with minimal effort?

Do you think this will help you accomplish your goals?

I’m sure that this is what any home business owner wants.

"Most Single Markets, Especially Home Based Business Markets Are So Deeply Saturated Or Competitive That It Is Numerically Impossible To Survive..."

                               Eggs In One Basket

                                   (Putting All Your Eggs In One Market)

Together with the marketing expert Jaz Lai, we shortlisted some of the most profitable markets in the world like:

red bullet Internet marketing
red bullet Home Based Businesses
red bullet Personal Development

We knew that we would go for these ‘BIG THREE’ because these 3 markets are a gold mine.

It makes sense to combine these markets together because we know that we cannot become gurus in any SINGLE market (e.g. Mike Filsaime in Internet Marketing, Mike Dillard in Network marketing or Anthony Robbins In Personal Development…)

But as we combined these markets together and synergized their strengths, we found ourselves leaders of a brand new, HOT market.

"This Was When Fusionology Was Born"

When we sat down and pondered on this awesome concept that we created, our hands were shaking because we KNEW that we had struck GOLD!

We took everything we knew about online lead generation, e-book creation, copywriting psychology, expert branding and all our knowledge of home based businesses and in 2 weeks, our first product and also our first ‘experiment’ - MLM Fire Sale™ was born.

Fire Sale

We sold more than 314 copies, of which 50 were snapped up in less than 3 hours!

One week later, our profits skyrocketed and we were utterly amazed at the response towards our ‘fusionology’.

2 months later we followed up with MLM Franchising:


Not only did our concept kicked off, it seemed that everything we touched turned to gold.

But you know what the best part is?

We were able to help our people to achieve SUCCESS in a fraction of the time so that they didn’t have to go through all the hard knocks that we’ve gone through.

So the question is:

"What Does This Have To Do With YOU?"

Well if you have read this far, I must congratulate you on your determination to achieve success.

Jaz Lai and I would KILL to take the knowledge we have now and put it into ourselves 3-5 years ago.

Maybe we would be millionaires sitting around the beach.

Beach Resort

Or even a luxurious 3 story home.

Big House 5 Series

Maybe even getting the car of my dreams and feeling the wind hitting my face as I speed through at 100 miles an hour down the freeway.


And best of all, take all the time and money I have and spend it with my loved ones – the ones who paid the price for our dreams cos they were the ones by our side, quietly supporting us as we work our butt off trying to give them a better life.

In other words, I would bury myself alive in shame if I were to imagine myself not giving my best to provide for my loved ones.

Maybe you have dreamt the same dream as I did.

Or maybe you have left those dreams because your home business didn’t really work out for you.

I don’t blame you if you feel like quitting, because you were never shown the right path all these years.

But if you are ready to throw in the towel, then hang on…

Wait awhile…

Hang in there, man…

It ain’t over till it’s over and...

I would like to invite you to listen carefully to what I have to say because...

Success IS just around the corner and you can experience the‘turnaround’just like we did.

I believe that you are definitely a sharp person who isn’t lacking in determination and motivation. You just need to be shown the right marketing formula so that:

"You WILL Be Able To Wield The Same Power  Like Us Or Any Other Successful Marketer Out There!"

It is like opening a treasure chest filled with glittering gold coins and diamonds.

Except it is not US opening the chest but YOU are the one opening it... and that is the feeling you will experience when you tap into these gold mines.

These methods hold the key to help you to:

red bullet Generate a stream of ENDLESS, HOT leads for your home business
red bullet Give you SO MUCH cash flow that even your banks will start calling you up to verify your endless checks
red bullet Brand yourself as a expert or a guru to the point that people will be begging you to let them join your team
red bullet And best of all, achieve success like this even if you have never made a single red cent selling anything before in your life!

Can you imagine yourself breaking through and achieving unbelievable success, that your friends and family would swarm like bees to your honey and take note of every single word of advice that comes out from your mouth?

Can you picture a hall of fame in YOUR business opportunity with YOUR NAME numbered amongst the success stories?

This has become a reality for us and we want this reality to come true for YOU:

"Just Give Me 30 Days To Prove To You And You
Will Become The Next Home Business IDOL!"

30 Days

Your search for success begins right now.

Forget all the junk you have been fed and discover the same recession-proof, depression-proof, bankruptcy-proof concept that will change your life forever.

In the next few minutes, we will reveal to you the exact, step-by-step blueprint on how you can easily dominate every single home business market that is:

red bullet Immune to competition
red bullet Immune to economic downturn
red bullet Immune to attrition
red bullet And I guarantee that it would work for you even if you have never sold a single thing in your life!

In short, we will cut short all the nitty-gritty work and propel you to a league of heavy hitters that will bedazzle your family and friends (especially those who say that you do not have what it takes...)


Fusionology Blueprint
Your Key To Endless Leads,
Cash Flow And Branding!

The Quickest Way To Dominate Any Home Business Market Using The Web!

Fusionology Package

This blueprint is so simple, that it will work for anyone even if they do not have any marketing or business experience.

Let’s explain how this works:

Remember what I told you about the three biggest markets?

red bullet Internet marketing
red bullet Home Based Businesses
red bullet Personal Development

Forget about making money in ONE market - try going for all 3 at the same time without any of the competition.

Fusionology Chart

As you can see, you are getting the best of both (all three) worlds.

Here Is A Glimpse Of The Most Powerful Tools
That You Can Use To Brand Yourself As An Expert, Generate Endless Leads And Cash Flow For
Your Business
Starting TONIGHT!

Component 1 - The Fusionology Elite Home Business Library

The main component for the Fusionology tool is our personal library of BRAND NEW, professionally written home business books that you can use to BRAND YOURSELF AS AN EXPERT!

This is called Private Label Rights.

Using this 3 step process, you can instantly and immediately brand yourself as a home business expert even if you can’t/won’t write a single word – even if you have to write to save your life!

Step one: Take the WORD document provided with each book:

Step 1

Step two: Open The Word Doc and Find the Title

Step 2

Step Three: Name YOURSELF As The Author! (Yes You Have 100% Full Rights To Do So!)

Step 3

If your name is ‘John Smith’, just write it in… and Voila!
Your OWN BOOK written in your own name!

Step Four: Now, instead of you and your organization passing out books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad or Copycat Marketing 101, why not get everyone to pass out YOUR Own book instead?

Step 4

"You Can Now Market Your Book To ANY Market...
Online Or Offline!"

Our books are tailored for you to dominate any market using the same book over and over again!

We call this strategy - Fusionology Market Domination

You can use the Internet to create a promotional strategy by sending ‘spam free’, permission based emails where you can:

1) Send 2 to 3 emails promoting your book to one market like Internet marketing...
2) Afterwards, you will easily send another 2 to 3 emails to a different market like home based business markets
3) You can proceed to dominate the self-improvement market and many more
4) Rinse and repeat...

Do you see how this method works?

And you get not ONE book, but TEN books that you can brand yourself as the author and market it for profits!

Here’s a breakdown of exactly what you will receive...

Icon Arrow Source File In PDF & Word Format - you get both the complete PDF and editable source (WORD) file to this product.
Icon Arrow Beautifully Designed E-Covers & FULL Graphics Pack 4 different sizes, complete with PSD source format to the graphic files that can be edited in Adobe Photoshop program.

PDF, Word And PSD Format

Get Non-Transferable Private Label Rights To The Following Titles:

The Big Book Of Home Business Lead Generation Methods

The Big Book Of Home Business Lead Generation Methods

Everyone knows that traffic is king.

If you want to dominate ANY market, understanding how traffic works will give you a HUGE advantage in any money making market.

By branding yourself as a lead generation expert, your prospects and customers will believe you have the credibility and they will join your organization/mailing list because of your skills.

Book Cover Bottom

The Big Book Of Home Business Company Dictionary

The Big Book Of Home Business Company Dictionary

The home business market has been around for decades.

By understanding history, you have ample knowledge to conquer the future! All you need to do is to equip yourselves with knowledge of what the top home based businesses are and how you can position yourself as knowledgeable leader.

Imagine the credibility you will get if you brand yourself as the author of this book and the kind of personal branding you can achieve.

Book Cover Bottom

21st Century Home Business Strategy

21st Century Home Business Strategy Blueprint

The Home Business Industry Has Changed Drastically In The 21st Century.

Instead of using obsolete recruiting methods like running hotel meetings, cold calling and handing out call cards, why not understand how the Internet has changed the face of this industry?

When you brand yourself as an author of this book, you will show others that you are on top of things in this Internet marketing world (and you will probably learn a thing or two as to how the Internet can propel your home based business to new heights)

Book Cover Bottom

Blog Your Way To The Top Of Your Home Business Organization

Blog Your Way

Blogging is the ‘IN’ thing today and one day, someone who doesn’t have a blog is like someone who doesn’t have an email address.

This book teaches home based business builders how to take advantage of a simple blog and use it to drive massive traffic and build relationships.

By branding yourself as the author of this book, you will find yourself becoming a leader in one of the biggest markets on the Internet.

Book Cover Bottom

Building Your Organization On Autopliot

Building Your Organization On Autopliot

People who say that you can’t outsource building your organization are probably ignorant about the power of the Internet!

This book reveals the secrets on how you or anyone can outsource your traffic generation for your home based business by getting teams of people to drive traffic to your lead capture pages and watch as your organization explodes.

With this book, you leave not even a single ounce of doubt as prospects beat a path to your doorstep, with credit card in hand!

Book Cover Bottom

Going 'Diamond'! - Stories Of Successful Networkers

Going 'Diamond'! - Stories Of Successful Networkers

If you want to be successful, then FOLLOW a successful leader!

This book reveals the trade secrets of successful home business leaders and it is filled with case studies on how they did i!

By branding yourself as an author of this book, the influence and strength of these leaders will indirectly flow unto you as people perceive your association with these powerful individuals which will work 100% to your advantage!

Book Cover Bottom

Home Business Video Marketing Secrets Exposed

Home Business Video Marketing Secrets Exposed

Millions and millions of people are on YouTube.

Do you want a small fraction of that crazy traffic visiting your websites or lead capture pages every day?

Of course you would and that is why learning about video marketing is the best course of action for any home based business builder.

So get your hands on this book and show others that you are abreast with the latest online marketing strategies!

Book Cover Bottom

The Next Trillion - Unstoppable Demand In

The Next Trillion - Unstoppable Demand In The Home Business Industry

No home business industry would be complete without exposure to its huge, unstoppable potential.

This business is a trillion dollar industry and this book reveals how you can tap into this powerful market on your own terms!

Brand yourself as an expert in this niche and I guarantee that you will propel your credibility to a whole new level.

Book Cover Bottom

Rejection Free Home Business Prospecting

Rejection Free Home Business Prospecting

It is a given...  no one likes to be rejected - especially when it comes to prospecting.

Learning the secrets of this book will allow you the privilege of always finding the right yeses, and these do not involve sleazy, obsolete prospecting methods such as cold calling or lying to your friends about your opportunity.

The Internet is constantly evolving and you owe it to yourself to understand each of these rejection free strategies right away!

Book Cover Bottom

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Networkers

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Networkers

Last but not least, I hazard a guess that few personal development enthusiasts cannot ignore the ubiquitous ‘7 Habits’.

This masterpiece is written with a powerful twist – targeting home based business builders and people who are looking for new ways to network with other people.

By branding yourself as the author of this book, you propel your credibility to a whole new level and show others that you have a strong understanding of multiple niche markets like Internet marketing, home business building and personal development.

Book Cover Bottom

Component 2 - The Fusionology Article Combo

My team and I have prepared this masterful collection of articles targeted towards these 3 HOT markets! Here’s what you will get...

You will get 30 Professionally Written Articles That You Can Use For:

Fusionology Article Domination Tools

red bullet Content for your blog posts
red bullet Content that you can use to create your very on e-book
red bullet Driving MASSIVE traffic from search engines and article directories
red bullet Use it as content for your review sites to draw in traffic for your affiliate sales
red bullet Use it as a script for you to create your own podcasts or videos
red bullet Use the articles and publish them offline!
red bullet You can also sell these articles and make 100-200% times the profit of what you are investing in!
red bullet Brand yourself as an expert in these HOT markets and get people from all around the world to know that you have expertise in these areas
red bullet Use it to build a strong relationship with your readers
red bullet Many MORE!

Component 3 - The Fusionology Video Series

Fusionology Evolution Video Tools

Everyone knows that videos is the new way to get in lots of fast traffic.

red bullet You can use these videos to brand yourself as an expert and position yourself professionally without all the technical skills and hassles
red bullet Hit the personal touch by connecting with your prospects (because they would like to see these videos in action)
red bullet Brand yourself as an expert video creator
red bullet Share your expertise and have tons of people begging you to join your organization or promote your product
red bullet You can also submit these videos to high traffic video sites like YouTube, Viddler, Metacafe and many more… all the work is done for you, all you need to do is upload and submit!

And best of all, you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in creating professionally done videos, because everything is done for you already!

"What Else Can Fusionology Blueprint
Do For You

red bullet Be a part of the ‘big game’ where you no longer plow in the trenches. Show everyone that you are an expert and let them know about your business
red bullet Attract endless leads to your campaigns without hounding your prospects down like a rabid bull dog. Watch as they flock over to your websites like bees to honey!
red bullet Learn 10 different ways how you can easily monetize your leads and give you all the cash flow you will need to build a 6 figure business
red bullet Brand yourself as a book author or an expert even if you can’t even write a short essay to save your life!
red bullet Harness the power of online viral marketing where people will be promoting your brand FOR YOU willingly!
red bullet Have all the tools you will need to build a huge team and be equipped with the knowledge on how to help each and everyone of them.
red bullet Give your prospects and customers exactly what they want and watch them listen to every single word you say.
red bullet How to get every single member of your team to promote YOU and give you all the exposure you will need while positioning yourself as their leader and mentor
red bullet Discover multiple lead capture methods on how you can achieve over 50% opt-in or subscription rate even if you have zero experience in copywriting.
red bullet How to avoid the common mistakes most newbies make on the web. You can turn these into your advantage even if you are that newbie!
red bullet Idiot’s guide to web and marketing psychology. You will learn how to magnetically attract prospects to you and believe in you even if they don’t know what kind of business you are in!
red bullet How you can exponentially increase your sales by 150%-350%
red bullet Sneaky methods on how you can easily leverage on high traffic article directories and even other people’s blog to ‘leech’ their traffic and build your own business
red bullet Brand yourself to the point that people will think you are some sort of guru and beg you to join your opportunity
red bullet How you can retail tons of low ticket products on the front end and build your main business for the long term at only 9% effort
red bullet Simple marketing ideas and tips even an 8th grader can understand
red bullet Turn your website into a massive cash grabbing machine! You will shoot yourself in the foot if you learn about this and don’t apply it

“Are You Sick And Tired Of People Asking
You This Dreaded Question - Are You Making Money In This Yet

As the economic downturn befalls upon the world, there is only one certainty:

Are you going to be on the losing end, follow the tide and watch as this unstoppable tidal wave washes away all your hard earned money and assets?

Or FIGHT BACK… and be on the winning end as everyone’s riches get washed away… only to flow into YOUR bank account!

Money is like energy, it flows from one form to another…

So better it flows into YOUR pocket than someone else’s, right?

Please don’t learn the hard way like Mark Penn and I...  You need to take action and take a plunge! For what you forgo today will haunt you from the rest of your life.

Are you going to sit around and tell your grandchildren someday how you lost it all during the economic downturn?

Or will you become a hero and tell stories to them about how you turned everything around and triumphed?

The choice is yours...

Let Me In Right Now

"Don't Think About How Successful You Will
Be But How Successful Your Bank Account
Will Be Tomorrow!"

If you are interested in turning your business ventures into gold and to do it right once and for all...

Then you need

You don't have to pay the full $297 for this priceless blueprint.

In fact you don't even need to spend $197 to get it even though at this price, many would consider this to be a steal.

For a very limited 'pre-publication' period, we are offering it for one very low price of $37

Why are we doing this at such a low price?

Because the economic downturn isn't helping most of us out there and the last thing I want to do is to choke you when finances are tight.

We are talking about truly powerful concepts that are valuable and we want to make it accessible to people from all walks of life and any budget.

But what you are getting in this Fusionology blueprint is going to help you make the desired income you never dream possible.

... We are definitely confident that your tiny investment today will pay for itself many times over for sure!

Once the 'pre-publication' period is over, the price will go back to normal so if you want to take advantage of this one at such a low price, you better hurry.

Now if you are still considering, I suggest that you don't even think because...

Guaranteed "Here is Our Recession Buster Guarantee"

We give such a guarantee because we are so confident that our products will work for you that we are willing to let you:

(1) Buy our product and TEST DRIVE it for 365 days - YES you have 52 weeks or 12 months... one FULL YEAR to use these products and if you are not satisfied, just send us a short email and we will give you back all your money - no questions asked!

(2) When you ask for a refund, you can KEEP the products as a THANK YOU GIFT for all the trouble. We don't care what you do with it and we will hold no grudges - just take our guarantee and use the products.

Why can we give you such an outrageous guarantee?

Because we GUARANTEE that by taking action and using these products properly, you will GET RESULTS - if you can't get at least 50-100 new leads within the next few weeks, then we will take your word for it and give you back your money. :)

We will bear ALL the risk for you and you have absolutely NOTHING to lose


The Dangers of Not Getting Fusionology

Let Me Summarize Why This Package Will Greatly Benefit Your Home Business By 500% More.

Reason 1 You would spend thousands of dollars on your home business anyway - we are just saving that money for you
Reason 2 You will still spend most of your time scrounging around looking for prospects using obsolete prospecting methods and you will lose a lot of friends in the process
Reason 3 You will not be able to leverage on our expertise to make a 5-6 figure income.
Reason 4 We provide the fastest way for you to brand yourself... you'll lose this advantage if you do not invest today...
Reason 5 $37 is a small investment... you are not SPENDING $37, you are investing $37 so you can make many times more.

So make sure you invest in the right tools today and we will reward you with additional :

35 Self help/Improvement Master Mind Collection  

Time Limited Bonus (This bonus is for first 50 customers only and will be removed thereafter.)

Cold calling strangers, hotel opportunity meetings and pestering your friends to buy your products is like fishing without a bait. With all the tools 99.97% done for you, you are just a cut-and-paste away from getting instant access to a dozen valuable products - as though you have written them yourself!

Special *Risk Free* Invitation Form

YES  Mark Penn, this is exactly what I've been waiting for! I'm eager to start profiting from my network marketing business, and I know that having this Fusionology Blueprint is the fastest and easiest way to do it!

I want instant download access to the products right now!

Fusionology Package

In less than 3 minutes, you can have complete access to the popular entire Fusionology Blueprint for ...


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DISCLAIMER: No part of this sales letter, names, aliases or association can be copied and used for your own sales letter - NO SWIPING allowed


P.S. Remember, if you are sick of people asking you how much money you have made in your business, it’s time to prove to them that you CAN.

P.P.S If you are still sitting on the fence, don't worry about a single thing. All you need to do is TAKE ACTION - don't sit around and wonder WHAT IF… just give it a try, after all, you are backed by our 100% Recession Buster Guarantee so the risk is ALL ON US!

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